Shining a Light on Automotive Industry Responsibility

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Shining a Light on Automotive Industry Responsibility

“I was impressed with how you engaged our corporate responsibility steering committee in the strategy workshop and gathered the key information from them. The marketing communications plan you developed as a result has helped guide our activities ever since.”

  • Tanya Bolden

Corporate Responsibility Program Manager, Automotive Industry Action Group



The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), an association of global auto manufacturers—including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan—and their suppliers, works collaboratively with its member companies to develop solutions to common corporate responsibility challenges they face, from improving global working conditions and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to sourcing materials throughout the supply chain in a responsible manner. The group turned to us for help telling the story of the auto industry’s ongoing commitment, and collective action, on these issues through a variety of communications channels.

Leading Role

We kicked off the project by leading a strategy workshop with AIAG’s corporate responsibility steering committee, including representatives from Chrysler, GM, Nissan, TRW and other member companies. Using the insights gained, we created a series of high-priority collateral materials for an upcoming conference, including website content and one-sheets covering AIAG’s activity across a range of issues. We then developed a corporate responsibility communications strategy to position AIAG as an authority in the space, promote the group’s history of accomplishments, and build on its reputation within and beyond the auto industry.


Happy Ending

We then worked with AIAG to implement communications activities aligned with the strategy, including a campaign to call attention to the auto industry’s proactive approach to tracing “conflict minerals” in global supply chains. We developed key messages, member communications and media materials, and reached out to reporters covering the issue. As a result, we got GreenBiz, Just Means, and Compliance Week to cover the story, and helped our client write and place an article in Sustainable Brands. These pieces demonstrated the effectiveness of AIAG’s corporate responsibility communications strategy and helped validate its role as a voice for the industry’s efforts on high-profile issues of concern.