BSR: Business for Social Responsibility

Success Story

BSR: Business for Social Responsibility


In its first 15 years, BSR had established itself as a leading sustainable business network and consultancy with a well-known annual conference. But by 2007, BSR needed to refresh its brand identity, and increase communications capacity, in order to deliver on its member company value proposition and maintain its position in an increasingly competitive space.

Leading Role

As BSR’s communications director (2007-2011), Amon Rappaport built and led the team responsible for marketing communications strategy and execution across offices in Asia, Europe, and North America—including PR and social media, and the editing, design, and production of print and digital publications and collateral in five languages. In this role, Amon spearheaded a global rebranding across seven offices, including a redesign of all marketing materials, an overhaul of member publications, and brand ambassador training for employees. He also consulted on sustainability communications with BSR clients, including messaging strategy recommendations for Campbell’s Soup Company, and writing for Wells Fargo’s CSR Report.

Happy Ending

Amon significantly increased the value of strategic business partnerships by negotiating deals worth more than $2 million with media outlets such as The New York Times and Fortune, and with PR, research and design agencies. He also increased the visibility of senior executives and key programs by securing coverage in BusinessWeek, The Economist,, and other media outlets. As an example, Amon got the CEO of IKEA an appearance on CNBC and prepped him to deliver BSR messages during the interview. Finally, the rebranding Amon led not only brought BSR’s identity materials up to par with its competitors, it also transformed organizational culture and inspired the CEO to create BSR’s first-ever sustainability leadership agenda.