Blue Shield of California Foundation

Success Story

Blue Shield of California Foundation

“As a result of the valuable guidance you provided, we’re now more strategic and effective in our public affairs and communications activities.”

  • Scott Travasos

CFO, Blue Shield of California Foundation



The Blue Shield of California Foundation works to shape the broader field and policy agenda around its core issues: successful implementation of federal health care reform and transformation of the safety net health care system, and ending domestic violence in the state. The Foundation’s leadership knew that delivering on those goals and increasing its impact would require a higher level of integration between its program and public affairs functions, and they turned to us for help developing a strategic communications plan to guide the way.

Leading Role

We started by evaluating the Foundation’s existing public affairs and communications systems and activities, and then worked across the organization to help implement operational improvements, such as guidelines for program staff on how to get the communications support they needed. We then gathered the best ideas from more than a dozen plans, reports and memos on public affairs and communications that had been developed by staff and consultants. Finally, we led a series of strategic planning exercises with the Foundation’s leadership team and public affairs staff, and incorporated our findings and insights from the entire process into a comprehensive and integrated public affairs and communications strategic plan we developed.

Happy Ending

The operational systems we recommended and helped implement led to more effective collaboration among public affairs and program staff, and resulted in greater collective impact for all involved. The strategic plan we created was put to use immediately, helping to guide public affairs and communications activities, and achieve the objectives in it: promoting adoption of promising practices, creating awareness and understanding of the Foundation’s work, and building credibility in the health care field.