We Believe Your Story Can Change the World

Like us, you’re committed to doing good in the world. You’ve got a great story, but you want more people to hear it. Maybe you’ve been telling your story for a while without the response you’re seeking. Or, you’re so busy doing good work, you haven’t got your story out. Either way, we can help.

We know how to translate the impact you’re creating into compelling stories that resonate with your audience. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked with changemakers like you from companies, nonprofits and government entities to craft strategic communications in multiple formats.

Amon Rappaport, our founder and Chief Storyteller, is passionate about helping good companies and causes tell great stories that create value and change the world. When you work with us, Amon will help you craft your story strategy, teach you to be an effective storyteller through our custom trainings, and help deliver your message through original content and PR techniques.

We can also build a team for your project that draws on the expertise of our partner agencies—in everything from graphic design and website development, to audience research and video production. No matter how you work with us, you’ll get personal attention at reasonable rates, and achieve the kind of results that make you one of our success stories.